Office of the Ombudsperson for Los Angeles Valley College Students


The word “ombudsman” comes from the Swedish language and means “representative.” The names “ombudsman,” “ombudsperson” or “ombuds” can all refer to this position. At LAVC, the role of the Ombudsperson is that of a neutral party and facilitator of the grievance process. The Ombudsperson does not act as an advocate for either the Grievant(s) or Respondent(s).

Grade Grievances

非正式的决议: Students who have a grade grievance should first attempt to resolve the matter informally. 步骤概述如下:

  1. The first step for a student is to contact their professor 讨论这个问题. Many issues can be cleared up with a meeting.
  2. 如果问题没有解决, or if the student is unable to meet with the professor, 下一步是联系 部主席. Students should request a meeting with the appropriate 部主席. Please note that anonymous complaints or statements cannot be addressed. If students do not know who the 部主席 is, they can contact the Ombudsperson at @email for the Chair's name and contact information.
  3. If a resolution is not met after meeting with the 部主席, the next step is to meet with the Dean over the department in the 教务处. Students should request a meeting with the appropriate area Dean. Please note that anonymous complaints or statements cannot be addressed. If students do not know who the area Dean is, they can contact the Ombudsperson at @email 查看院长的姓名和皇冠官网网站.

Formal Resolution: If, 在采取这些步骤之后, 尚未找到解决办法, 学生可以提出正式申诉. CA教育法典第76224(a)条规定,教师对学生成绩的决定是最终的, 除了欺诈案件, mistake, 恶意或无能. 如果学生有理由相信并有证据证明他们的老师基于上述任何理由给出了一个评估性的最终成绩,请与监察员联系 @email for assistance. The Ombudsperson can explain the grievance process but has no power to change a grade. The college President makes the final decision. A formal grievance cannot be filed anonymously.

申诉听证请求必须在作为学生投诉基础的指称事件发生之日起的一百二十(120)个日历日内提出. Please see Administrative Regulation E-55, link at the bottom of this page.

就处理涉嫌基于族裔群体认同的歧视行为的行动提出投诉, religion, age, sex, color, sexual orientation, 身体或精神残疾, 学生可以直接联系 LACCD Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


AP 5530(链接如下)的目的是为学生提供一个快速和公平的方法来解决学生的不满. 申诉程序可以由一名或多名学生提出,他们有理由相信自己受到了不公正的行为或被剥夺了涉及学生身份或特权的权利. It is the responsibility of the student(s) to submit proof of alleged unfair or improper action. Grievances pertaining to grades are subject to the CA Education Code Section 76224 (a).



Standards of student conduct can be found in Board Policy 5500.
教职员工可以在学生行为准则和学生纪律方面找到更多信息 here.

所有洛杉矶社区学院的行为必须符合地区和学院的规章制度. 违反这些规章制度可能会受到纪律处分,这取决于个人的学生身份, faculty, staff or visitor. Violations of such rules and regulations include, 但不限于, the following:

  • 故意不服从大学官员在履行职责时的指示.
  • 违反学校规章制度, including those concerning student organizations, 使用大学设施, or the time, place and manner of public expression or distribution of materials.
  • Dishonesty, such as cheating or knowingly furnishing false information to the colleges.
  • Unauthorized entry to or use of the college facilities.
  • Forgery, alteration or misuse of college documents, records or identification.
  • 妨碍或扰乱课堂, administration, disciplinary procedures or authorized college activities.
  • Theft of or damage to property belonging to the college, a member of the college community or a campus visitor.
  • 通过大声或不寻常的噪音或任何威胁恶意或故意扰乱任何洛杉矶社区学院的和平或安静, challenge to fight, fight, or violation of any rules of conduct as set forth in this Article. 任何违反本条规定的人,在发生此类行为时,应被视为干扰了学院的和平活动.
  • Assault or battery, 针对从事授权活动的大学社区成员或校园访客的虐待或任何武力或暴力威胁.
  • 持有将构成违反《皇冠最新网址》第11350条或《皇冠最新网址》第4230条的受管制物质, any use of controlled substances the possession of which are prohibited by the same, 或在地区或地区学院拥有或使用的任何财产上,或在参加地区或学院主办的任何活动或实地考察时,拥有或使用任何酒精饮料. “受控物质,在本节中使用, include 但不限于 the following drugs and narcotics:
  • 鸦片制剂、鸦片和鸦片衍生物
  • mescaline
  • 迷幻的物质
  • peyote
  • marijuana
  • 兴奋剂和镇静剂
  • cocaine
  • Possession, while on a college campus or at a college-sponsored function, 除宣誓过的治安官员外,禁止任何人使用任何可能被用作致命武器的物品, police officers and other governmental employees charged with policing responsibilities.
  • Behavior while on a college campus or at a college-sponsored function, inconsistent with the District's Non-discrimination Policy, 它要求洛杉矶社区学院区的所有项目和活动都以一种不受“禁止歧视”的方式运作,定义为基于实际或感知的种族群体认同而违反州或联邦法律的歧视或骚扰, race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, creed, sex (including gender-based sexual harassment), pregnancy, marital status, cancer-related medical condition of an employee, sexual orientation, age, 身体或精神残疾, or veteran status.
  • Any assemblage of two or more persons to 1) do an unlawful act, 或者2)在暴力事件中做合法的行为, 喧闹的或喧闹的方式.
  • Any agreement between two or more persons to perform illegal acts.
  • 意图造成身体或精神/情感伤害和/或行为的直接或暗示的表达, such as stalking, which a reasonable person would perceive as a threat to personal safety or property. Threats may include verbal statement, written statements, telephone threats or physical threats.
  • Conduct which may be considered disorderly includes; lewd or indecent attire or behavior that disrupts classes or college activities; breach of the peace of the college aiding, or inciting another person to breach the peace of college premises or functions.
  • Theft or abuse of computer resources including but not limited to:
  • Unauthorized entry into a file to use, read, or change the contents, or for any other purpose.
  • 未经授权传输文件.
  • Unauthorized use of another individual's identification and password.
  • 利用计算机设备干扰学生、教员或学校官员的工作, 或者修改大学或学区的记录.
  • 使用未经授权的软件.
  • 未经授权复制软件.
  • 使用计算机设备进行访问, 发送或参与淫秽信息, threatening, defamatory, 呈现出明显而现实的危险, 违反法律规定和/或严重扰乱大学校园秩序的.
  • 使用计算机设备干扰学院或地区计算机系统的正常运行.
  • 在大学校园或在地区经营及/或控制的地点或在地区赞助的活动中表现, 哪些是当地禁止的, State, or federal law.
  • 违反学术诚信的行为包括, 但不限于, 以下行为:考试作弊, plagiarism, 一起完成一项任务, paper or project when the instructor has specifically stated students should not do so, submitting the same term paper to more than one instructor, or allowing another individual to assume one’s identity for the purpose of enhancing one’s grade.
  • Every person who, by physical force, 故意阻碍, 或者试图阻碍, 任何学生或教师寻求参加或指导课程在任何校园或设施拥有, 由洛杉矶社区学院区董事会控制或管理, 是否会被处以不超过500美元的罚款或在县监狱监禁不超过一年, 或者被这样的罚款和监禁. 在本节中使用, “体力”包括, 但不限于, 使用某人的人, 单独地或与他人共同地, 阻碍:阻碍进入或在里面活动,或以其他方式阻碍教室的学生或老师.
  • 每一个试图造成, or causes, 任何洛杉矶社区学院的官员或雇员或任何公职人员或雇员做或不做的事, any act in the performance of his/her duties, by means of a threat to inflict any injury upon any person or property, 犯了公共罪行.
  • Every parent, guardian, 或在社区学院学生或其他社区学院工作人员或学生在场或听取证词的情况下,在学区场地或公共人行道上,攻击或虐待学区雇用的任何教师的其他人, streets, or other public ways adjacent to school premises, 或者在其他一些地方,教师被要求参与指定的大学活动,这是一种轻罪.
  • Conduct which poses a threat of harm to the individual and/or to others. This includes, 但不限于, the following types of conduct:
  • Unsafe conduct in connection with a Health Services Program (e.g.、护理、口腔卫生等.);
  • Failure to follow safety directions of District and/or College staff;
  • Willful disregard of safety rules as adopted by the District and/or College; and/or
  • Negligent behavior which creates an unsafe environment.




ADA Compliance



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